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Classified Coffee

International agents, undercover analysis has concluded that Classified Coffee is so good, it's at risk of becoming our worst-kept secret. Will you join us, and help us?

To avoid our secret being revealed to the world, we ask that you store your Classified Beans in a secure space, tell no one, and destroy the package once thoroughly enjoyed.


Long mission ahead? We have you covered with your new Classified Essentials.
  • front of bag espionage black background classified coffee bag
    Classified Coffee Co. Black and Orange Espionage Blend bag
    Espionage Blend

    Espionage Blend

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  • Classified Coffee Co. Blackout Blend Dark Roast
    Classified Coffee Co. Blackout Blend Dark Roast
    Blackout Blend

    Blackout Blend

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  • Classified Coffee Mug
    Classified Coffee Mug filled with coffee
    Classified Mug

    Classified Mug

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Coffeehouse Crime

Now, you may have thought that I am merely a humble barista, telling you strange and chilling stories while we unlock the dark mysteries of true crime... But by night I'm part of a Classified International Agency, working undercover to keep our coffee a secret. Will you join me?

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Classified Coffee! Every cup tells a story, wherever you are in the world. So whether you're sipping our coffee while unraveling a thrilling mystery with me, or are simply enjoying a quiet moment on your own, you can count on Classified to provide you with an optimal taste of intrigue made through the perfect roast.

Classified Coffee Mug with coffee bag and beans


We are the masters of secrecy, but we're also committed to transparency. When you choose Classified Coffee Co, you become part of our covert operation to support coffee farmers and their families. Our beans are grown organically at an elevation of 1600 MASL in Jaltenango, Chiapas. These beans are ethically sourced, meaning our agents work closely with coffee farmers, and ensure they receive fair compensation for their hard work. It's our commitment to fair trade practices and creating a more equitable coffee industry.

Each bag conceals a commitment to high quality, diligent sustainability, and an unrivaled coffee experience like no other.